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Septic System

We give you the possibility to get your septic tanks installed in the traditional way at Notre-dame-de-la-merci. Moreover, you will have the choice between the Ecoflo, EnviroSeptic or Bionest systems in order to optimize the treatment of the waste water from your septic tanks.

If you wish, our team will also install the Ecobox reactor to complete your waste water processing unit.

Contact our professional tradesmen as from now, they will provide useful advice on the best types of systems to choose for your septic tank.

Do you wish to upgrade or replace your septic tank?

In these cases, we will proceed with the appropriate soil tests in advance.

2100 Route 125 - Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci - QC J0T 2A0 - Phone: 819-424-2450